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Saturday, February 13, 2016

My "fresh off the post" open letter to our Minnesota State Senator, who I suspect may be a "Super Delegate"? (any fact checkers out there, please correct me!)
Senator Franken-
The "B" word! Sanders became the first major presidential candidate to campaign on the city's north side since Jesse Jackson in 1992. @U.S. Senator Al Franken, Have you spoken with these "folks" (the new vernacular, establishment politicians refer to most of us voters as "folks", not constituents) recently? Remember the SNL days, "So remember me, Al Franken'"? Always remember.
Are you still with establishment politician, Hillary? (We no longer call them "Mr. or Ms. by their last names, do we, we're that familiar with them . . .) By the way, I love and still read your book regularly,"The Truth (With Jokes)", along with the updated version of Huck Finn, I still prefer your "earlier, funnier persona". . . (I stole that from Woody Allen, "Stardust Memories")!
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