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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

T-Mobile G1 Android Known Issue

Problem: My T-Mobile G1 smartphone (Android) no longer syncs with my gmail.
_Cassandra A: Hi tom , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m _Cassandra and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
tom siler: ok
_Cassandra A: I can understand why you would be contacting us about that. I'll be more than happy to help you with that today.
tom siler: ok
_Cassandra A: Tom, before we get started can you verify the last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account, please.
tom siler: XXXX
_Cassandra A: Thank you for verifying that for me, Tom. Do you use the G1?
tom siler: yes
_Cassandra A: Thank you, how long have you been getting the error message?
tom siler: it last synced 9/13
tom siler: and before that it stopped on 8/26.
_Cassandra A: Thank you, can you give me two to three minutes to pull up some troubleshooting for you, please.
tom siler: ok
_Cassandra A: Thank you, Tom.
_Cassandra A: Tom, can you take the battery out of the phone, please.
tom siler: It's removed
_Cassandra A: Thank you, can you let me know what the IMEI number is, please.
_Cassandra A: Thank you, can you put the battery back in and turn the phone on, please.
_Cassandra A: Alright, we are going to check the software version, next.
tom siler: Firmware version 1.5
_Cassandra A: Tom, can you try syncing again, please.
tom siler: ok. I'll let you know when the wheel stops spinning.
_Cassandra A: Thank you.
Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please....
Network connection re-established.
tom siler: it is still spinning
_Cassandra A: Ok.
tom siler: Alert reads: "sync is currently experiencing problems. it will be back shortly."
_Cassandra A: Alright, we can try a master reset, but that is going to delete all the information out of the phone. Just to let you know that is a Known Issue with the phone, so the only other thing we can try is the master reset.
tom siler: I already did that a week ago, it fixed it temporarily, but then the problem came up again. In addition, I had to take the time to reinstall, reconfigure all my apps (which lost all their data).
tom siler: How about if T-Mobile simply sends me a phone that doesn't have issues for the amount of money I've already paid them? Or, I can switch to an Apple phone, and get rid of T-mobile altogether. I don't understand why T-Mobile would sell a phone with known issues? Why not a factory recall?
_Cassandra A: Tom, can you give me two to three minutes to review this for you. When we sell phones we don't know that have known issue, we get the known issue because people are using those phone and having the same issue, that's how it becomes a known issue.
tom siler: My girlfriend purchased the same model and it isn't an issue for her yet. Is it going to develop into an issue for her too?
_Cassandra A: Unfortunately, I can't say that it is or it isn't going to be. This known issue does not effect everyone's G1.
tom siler: Tell me what I need to do. I'm not going to "master reset". That didn't solve the sync problem.
_Cassandra A: Tom, what we can do is exchange that phone for you. Can you take the battery out again, please.
tom siler: Ok, it's out
_Cassandra A: Thank you, on the side of the phone there is a little square that is either: white, red, or pink, can you let me know what color that is, please.
tom siler: White
_Cassandra A: Thank you, you can put the battery back in, please. Is there any cracks or missing pieces on the phone?
tom siler: There is a small stress crack between the "go back" and "menu" button, a part that is left exposed by the hard shell "protector"
_Cassandra A: Is it a crack or a scratch?
tom siler: a stress crack, result of a flawed design.
_Cassandra A: Tom, unfortunately now that I know that there is a crack in the phone we are unable to exchange that phone, if we exchanged it they would charge you a $100 out of warranty fee.
tom siler: T-Mobile is breaching contract on this. It is a piece that is easily replacable if you were to recycle this phone.
tom siler: Why couldn't T-Mobile simply replace the firmware in THIS phone, and I keep the same phone, with the stress crack.
_Cassandra A: Tom, you have the latest firmware.
tom siler: Why can't you just replace the part that isn't working? If you were to recycle and re-sell my phone (assuming it had no scratches) you would replace the part of the phone that isn't functioning properly, correct? Bottom line: T-mobile sold me a non-functioning phone and will not repair or replace, AND will not refund the money I paid.
_Cassandra A: No, we do not repair the phones so we wouldn't do that. The known issue says that they don't know the cause of this issue so we are not sure if it the software or the phone.
tom siler: Tell me why I should continue to do business with T-Mobile?
_Cassandra A: We don't want to lose you as a customer, but there isn't much I can do at this time if the phone as a crack in it. You can take the phone to a store and have a dealer look at the phone to make sure it isn't something that they would charge you the out of warranty fee for, and then we could exchange it.
tom siler: Alright, I'll try that. At least they'll see that the crack is a flaw in the phone's design, and not a result of mishandling. Considering how much the phone cost, I'm telling you that this is completely unsatisfactory customer service. What good is a smartphone that can't sync with gmail? It's absolutely wrong.
_Cassandra A: I understand, that's why I was going to exchange the phone for you.
_Cassandra A: Is there anything else we can assist you with today?
tom siler: Your company is providing me with lousy service.
_Cassandra A: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, I am sorry we weren't able to fully resolve your issue.
tom siler: It wasn't resolved at all. You didn't help with anything.
_Cassandra A: I regret that I couldn't resolve your issue today, but I also don't want you to get charged the $100 out of warranty fee if it is a crack in the phone.
tom siler: Unfortunately. the hard shell plastic "protector" I bought from T-mobile for $25 leaves that part of the phone completely unprotected.
_Cassandra A: If you take that phone to a store and have them look at that, and they determine it is not a crack we can exchange that for you. Right now there isn't much else I can do. Is there anything else I can assist you today?
tom siler: It is a stress crack. Like I said, the protective case that T-Mobile sells leaves that part of the phone unprotected. It cracks simply from pushing the back button and/or the menu button often enough. Besides, the crack is not the problem with the phone. The problem is that it wont sync to gmail. This is absurd. I bought a smart phone that doesn't do what is advertised. It's that simple. The T-Mobile company should give me back my money, at least.
_Cassandra A: I understand that it won't sync with gmail, and that the crack is not the cause of that issue. Unfortunately, when the return center gets that phone, they are going to look over it and even though the crack is what made the phone mess up, you will still get a $100 out of warrant fee.
tom siler: You call that customer service? The crack is NOT what made the phone mess up. The phone doesn't sync with Gmail. The problem I want fixed has nothing to do with the shell of the phone. At least with Apple, they would replace the shell and fix the insides of the phone. They have excellent customer service. And they don't charge you $100.00 for THEIR design problem.
_Cassandra A: I definately understand that, and I would be upset as well. Unfortunately, policy states that a broken or cracked phone will be handeled through insurance. I regret that I don't see insurance on your line.
_Cassandra A: Tom, there is an out of warranty repair number for the manufactor of the phone the number is 1-888-356-2375.
tom siler: Is there any chance that T-Mobile will figure out how to sync it with gmail and it will work like it's supposed to? As you said, I'm not the only one with this ridiculous problem. It IS a "Known Issue". What are other people doing? Waiting till they get home and checking their gmail on their desktop computer?
_Cassandra A: If we have done everything we do, and we still can't fix the issue we will exchange the phone as long as there is no water damage or cracks or missing pieces on the phone. Yes, we are working internally to resolve this issue.
_Cassandra A: Tom, are you still there?
_Cassandra A: It seems you have stepped away, unfortunately I will have to end out of the session at this time. If you need futher assistance, please contact T-Mobile at 1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your handset. Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Live Chat.