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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

subversive lyrics make young people do crazy things

in 1976, I purchased a Stones "It's Only Rock and Roll" songbook with lyrics and chords for guitar. The funny thing is they played it very safe with their publishing. the lyrics were like, "Too bad. . .she's got you BY THE BOARDS" Completely wrong, yet officially published and distributed. Another example, "Rocks Off": "Plug in, flush out, and find the LUCKY feed". . .HA! he is NOT saying "LUCKY" feed, on the record, in fact you can hear someone in the background go "Whoooo-YEA!!" when he says "find the FUCKIN' feed". . .I'm pretty sure they are talking about the days before wireless guitars in that particular phrase. When I sang "Star, Star" at my High School Sock Hop in '77, my "BANDMATES" convinced me to self censor it to "Star Lucky". Of course I promised I would. . .

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Diamond Tweets

I'm getting quite a kick lately out of following Neil Diamond on TWITTER!

Andy's little Storyhole

got a letter from Andy today, it reads as follows:

I am very busy thinking about TONETTA videos,
but I'd love to play on Friday during the day if
you can. I have to get a new ID card that day.

Last time I got one in MPLS, the lady who took
the picture was crosseyed. She arranged my
head only 1/2way into the guideline box on the
wall. I tried to subtly move my head back into
the camera area but she confidently pushed me
back, telling me not to worry it's alright etc.

So the card comes in the mail & it's just HALF
MY HEAD IN THE PICTURE, so annoying, & of
course useless as an ID which I needed badly
at the time. I go back downtown, the guy at the
desk looks at the card & laughs like crazy. He
says "The lady who took it - did she look like THIS?"
& crosses his eyes all the way.

He told me she'd been filling in as photographer that
day & people were still coming in with their crappy ID
cards, wondering what happened.

So hopefully that won't happen Friday. I'll just get
it taken, then come over your house & record/play
a few songs with you.

- Andy