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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Who are opening for us!!!

Tom Siler

Legendary local musicians to perform together in the 7th St. Entry, immediately after The Who’s performance at Target Center.

Tuesday, Nov. 27th 2012 
Doors open at 9pm, show starts at 10pm 
$5 cover, or $3 with a Target Center/Who Concert ticket stub.
701 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 338-8388

The Who will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their sixth recording and critically acclaimed rock opera, "Quadrophenia" with a live concert at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis.
In response, some long time staples of the Twin Cities music scene will join together to perform The Who’s seventh and lesser known album, "The Who By Numbers", immediately following The Who’s performance across the street at 7th Street Entry/First Avenue.

Joan Vorderbruggen- (Feather Underground) vocals, cowbell
Jacques Wait (Pink Mink, Iguano)-electric guitar, backup vocals
Randy Weiss (Hypstrz, The Mighty Mofos)-bass guitar (with newly strung GHS long scale "Boomers"!)
Tom Siler (The Odd, Tulip Sweet, The King of France)-piano, acoustic guitar, backup vocals
Keely Lane (Ol' Yeller, Trailer Trash, Stockcar Named Desire)-double-kick Premier drum-kit

RuDeGiRL, a nine piece all-female Clash tribute band is opening the evening. (

"Without the massive structure and ambition of the band's better known works Tommy, Quadrophenia, and Who's Next, Pete Townshend's songwriting stands on its own in the sparse and dark The Who by Numbers. Gone are the synthesizers and the massive layers of overdubs. In their places are descriptions of Townshend's alcoholism, lust, and self-loathing, as well as the dark side of creeping "middle age" and the fear of irrelevance."

This will be the group’s one and only performance together.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Had to compose a Mission Statement

My caricature window for the dentist office @ 2120 Nicollet Ave. (Artists in Storefronts project) goes up Thursday. Came up with this for my mission statement:
I have been drawing caricatures for decades now, something I first started doing at the Minnesota Zoo during the summer break at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since graduating, I have traveled all over the U.S. and even France and Spain drawing caricatures of people. It is my number one source of income and I am happy to be a working "Artist of the People", over any other type of artist. In order to be a strong artist, slack is essential for unconscious and subconscious processes to spring to the surface, and the time off afforded by drawing at State Fairs and other events has helped me evolve my approach to Art, Work and Life into one continuous way of being. If you want to be caricatured by me, you can contact me at my online caricatures site, And yes, I can do other types of art, but they certainly don't pay as much!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Seekins Siting - Mpls. Spring 2012

Although it's nearly 80°, March 14, we know it's not really spring because Scott Seekins is still wearing black. . .this could change in the near future, due to global warming. . .

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Online Caricatures

Here is a selection of some of the ONLINE Caricatures I have drawn for clients over the last few years.
All of them are specially requested illustrations and backgrounds, with my interpretations of what the heck they want it to look like.: