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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

That Guitar Had Seconds To Live. . .

This morning I got a message from a Facebook stranger: " Hi Tom, Back in probably the late 80's, maybe 87 or 88 - a fellow with a name like yours got up with a band at First Avenue (main stage) and completely destroyed a guitar by smashing it to pieces on stage. It looked pretty spontaneous and First Ave security chased him all around the place. Was that you and if so - fucking awesome! *LOL*"

Yes, That was me. My buddy invited me up to play during their last song, and for some stupid reason, he had claimed my Fender Tele, I owed him money or something, but there I was playing it, and I thought to myself, "This'll get him!" so I smashed it in such a way that I knew he wouldn't be able to glue it back together. I think First Ave. thought I'd gone out of control and was going to start wrecking their stuff, so I was bounced out on my ass! Still friends with that guy, somehow!